Quick, Targeted, Marketing Advice

Sit Down with an Expert

No budget. No time. No marketing.

No budget. No time. No marketing.

It’s a cycle the small business owner knows all too well. And for good reason! You’re too busy doing what you do best – making sure your current customers are happy – to expend effort attracting new customers.

You know marketing is important, but you need someone to point you in the right direction, sketching out a personalized roadmap so your time and resources are spent efficiently. Luckily, optimization is what we do best.

At Shine Content, we specialize in creating custom marketing plans to get businesses more thought leadership, more traffic, and more visibility – using what you already have at your disposal.


Sign up for a one-hour call to get the direction you need. After our chat, you’ll know how to guide your business’ marketing strategy with concrete steps to maximize your efforts over the coming months.

During this assessment, we’ll teach you website, SEO, blog, and social media do’s and don’ts, outline the nuances of each digital marketing channel, and generate marketing ideas for your unique business.

Marketing Problems, Solved.

We’ll even help you craft requests to send to your website vendor, draft a job description for a PT marketer, or supply suggestions for quality writers, designers, and other creatives to work with so you don’t have to sort through all of the options. The goal of this meeting is to pair you with the tools, resources, and next steps necessary to succeed.

This is a time for you to ask any question that crosses your mind – we’re here to help.

Digital Marketing Assessment for SMBs,
Entrepreneurs, and Non-Profits


One 1-hour call during which we will:

  • Determine marketing objectives and target audience.
  • Review website, blog, and social profiles.
  • Provide advice for website, blog, and social profiles.
  • Discuss pressing issues to marketing approach.

At the end of our call you’ll receive strategic next steps and a recording of our conversation with insights.

Move Forward Confidently

At the end of our session you will receive:

  • 3-5 actionable steps to move your marketing forward in the next month.
  • A future-oriented plan of where to focus over the next three months.
  • Multi-channel marketing insights and best practices.
  • Comprehensive resources + content creation shortcuts.
  • A list of recommended vendors and tools.


When was the last time you got to sit down with a marketing expert and ask every question that comes to mind? To have someone give you clear and honest feedback? Probably never, right? This shouldn’t be such a rare opportunity. Invest in the future of your business, today.